Koh Kong Island  

Koh Kong Island

Koh Kong Island.

Cambodia's largest island, and one of the least populated places in the country.

Just South of Koh Kong City, and the South-Eastern tip of Thailand.

Koh Kong Island is the size of Hong Kong, and has the population of a large classroom.

The main features of Koh Kong Island are trees, beaches, and more trees and beaches.   Also, lots of water (The Bay of Thailand surrounds the island, as you would expect.)

The airport, golf courses, and casino are not open yet, but if you wait (maybe 15 years), they will be. Not even a 7-11, (or any other store for now)

Now, it's water activities, chilling, and exploring.

Koh Kong Island is a quick 40 to 120 minutes from the mainland, by boat, in Koh Kong City.

There's 2 small island resorts on the island, and they're great!

Come check it out!

See you soon!




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